Let the Journey Never End


Hi! I’m Kaleen and I love this candle making journey I’m on. It’s a never-ending passion, and I love good smells. What started in my kitchen as a crafting experiment for my own candles and gift giving, quickly turned in to more and in 1997 Good Heart Candle Co. was established.

The workspace went from the kitchen to a craft room and then eventually my two car garage was converted into a candle shop. This space was bigger and allowed a more efficient way to produce the candles that I sold at craft fairs, in flower shops, craft malls, retail and wholesale for the next several years.

I’ve been able to work the business around whatever I have going on in life and it has worked out perfectly. I enjoy it so much, and am truly like at kid at Christmas time opening my boxes of deliveries, digging in to see the new inventory, product and scents, etc. Endless hours, days, weeks and years have been spent sampling, testing and perfecting my product.


In November 2017, at the twenty-year mark, I opened a storefront in Twin Falls, Idaho and in 2018 the website followed. I love this opportunity, and want to share what I do with you! So search around and find what you love. If you live locally you can place your order and I can have it ready for pickup. I’ll send you an email stating when your order will be ready. If you live out of the area, I’ll gladly ship it. The selection of containers and scents stay fairly consistent, however, the accessories change often so continue to check back. If you have questions or requests send me an email and together we can figure it out.

Currently, my two favorite projects include customizing and fundraising and I completely welcome wholesale accounts.

You can custom build your candle with your scent choice and label creation for that special someone.

Fundraising has the option of printing out the order form OR having your organization order directly through the website, which makes it very convenient. Email me with questions on any of the above and I’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

The possibilities are endless as I continue on this candle making journey and I look forward to working with all of you who want to experience it as well.

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