Custom Candles with Good Heart Candle Company

Personalization Milepost 16 oz
Good Heart Candle Company gives people the opportunity to create a completely custom, one-of-a-kind candle! We are able to take customer requests regarding scents, colors, and even the name of your candle to create a unique memento perfect for any gift or occasion. Contact us to speak to speak with Kaleen and get started today.

Custom Labels

Personalization Orchard

Kelly’s Canyon Orchard

Custom label created for Kelley’s Canyon Orchard. They picked and named two scents: Fresh Peaches and Apple Cider. These were sold during their peach and apple season and their logo was incorporated into the label. Set up fee: $25

Personalization Acres

Rocky’s Acres

Example of 26 oz candle created with a personal photo taken and the farm name of Rocky Acres put on the label. Any photo can be sent in, a scent picked and your wording added to the label. The fee for these onetime creations is the jar cost + 8.00
Example: 26 oz candle= 21.95 + 8.00 fee total: $29.95

Personalize Rebel


Same pricing as above. This was a hand drawn picture from 1963 and was scanned in and turned into the label for this personalized gift (26 oz. candle)

Custom Scent

Personalization Milepost 95

Mile Post 95

These candles were created for Author, Page Geske. The labels were made to match the book cover and the scent was picked by her and named: Inspire

Personalization Milepost with Book


Personal Favorite!!. Round label created to match the book cover and put on this cute little 4 oz. candle. Perfect Idea for gifts, wedding favors etc. or even for your business or organization. Email Kaleen for ideas and personalize yours today! $25 set up fee

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