Jar Candles Available at Good Heart Candle Company

Good Heart Candle Company offers traditional jar candles in over 50 uniquely crafted scents! Each of our candles is hand poured with a porous premium grade coconut-soy blended wax. This unique blend creates a slow-burning candle. Because of the slower burn, it allows the scent to thoroughly escape making it highly fragrant. A clean burn will be obtained when burning the candle for approximately three hours at a time. Burn time longer than three hours requires wicks to be trimmed. Wicks are lead-free! Good Heart Candles are made with zinc core wicks which are made with a cotton/fiber braid surrounded by a zinc core. Packaged in beautiful apothecary jars, we offer jar candles ranging from four-ounce options up to 26-ounce. Continue reading below to choose your favorite! Please contact us with questions or concerns.

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